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Spinz.io FFA (Free For All)

Spinz.io is one of the most fast paced games that is themed on the most popular toy of today called the fidget spinner. The spinz.io FFA (free for all) is a spinner-based game where you would have to gather points and play the game.

Playing Spinz.io FFA Game

Each user in the spinz.io FFA (free for all) game is a fidget spinner and would spin around the map in the leader board collecting all the little small dots which give both points and the essential aim of the game is spinning faster and winning the game. The faster you spin, the more you would succeed in the game and the more dangerous you would be to the other users as well and you would also be hurt and hurt the other players if you collide with them. This will result in dots flying everywhere and a mass chase to collect them.

Your speed is measured in RPM and when that reaches 0 you die and the game would be over. Your RPM would be equal to your score and the higher the RPM, the better would be the game. If a player is 4 times faster, you will die instantly, so be very careful. There are users who may get as high as 20,000 RPM, at which point they are just a blur on the spinz.io map if you see them.

spinz.io ffa

Customize Your Fidget Spinner In Spinz.io FFA

Spinz.io is one of the fastest paced games that is themed on the most popular toy of today called the fidget spinner. Your fidget spinner warrior can be customized in the spinz.io FFA (free for all) game. You can customize the same by buying skins or also sharing on social media. There is an invite link as well that will help to invite your friends to the server you are aligned to. In spinz.io you don’t get bigger, but you just need to get fast, and this is what makes the games a little simpler. There is a mini-map that displays the location and not the position of the dots and other users as well. Another popular spinz.io game mode is spinz.io royale game.

Spinz.io Tips To Play The Game

There are two spinz.io game modes. The popular spinz.io FFA (free for all) mode and the spinz.io team mode. In a team, you are either a red or blue fidget spinner and therefore cannot be hurt by teammate collisions. FFA is however the right way to play the game. You’ll also need some patience. It’s a fun game, but it can get boring quite quickly as it’s repetitive.

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