The Most Popular Mods

Similar to all the online and offline games, you can even use mods for the game if you are fond of playing online multiplayer games, the game is not new to you. It is quite popular nowadays, and a number of players are even playing the game on their mobile devices. mods are device specific, and work only on the devices, for which they are made.

The Most Popular Mods

Mod is the abbreviation of the term modification, and the mods can be downloaded to the system to use them, or you can even use the mods on various websites. There are various mods, which can be used, but here are a few of the most popular mods, which can just change the way you play the game. If you are looking for mods, you should surely try out the mods mentioned here, apart from the other mods, which you can find on the internet, on a number of game related or spinzio related websites. mods

Keyboard Control Mod for

The first is the keyboard mod, which is one of the most popular mods used by a number of gamers. If you use the mouse to control the spinner, you might face troubles from time to time, if you are having a very sensitive mouse, or in case the most don’t work properly. You can use the store keys of the keyboard to control the spinner quite efficiently. After you enable the mod, you can visit the settings section of the game and choose keyboard as navigation tool, instead of the mouse, which is default.

The Invincibility Mod

The other is the invincible mode, where you can play the game if without the fear of getting destroyed, when you collide with another player on the arena. After your collide with another player, b you can get one more chance to come back to the arena, without losing your progress. Thus, you should surely try out the mods mentioned here apart from using the other mods, which you can find on the internet.

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