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Would you like to know about a great online game that has recently launched? Spinz.io is a great online game that you would love to play with your friends and family. This spinz.io free fidget’s spinner game is a much loved game by all.

About Spinz.io Free Game

The spinz.io free fidget spinner game is a free game that can be played online by all players. Enter the gaming arena and battle all other players with your fidget spinner. You can choose the color of your fidget spinner and then enter some of the most amazing battles. Collect various colors of spotted dots from all across the leader board to increase your RPM. You would need to collect the colored dots strategically and be patient as well so that you can increase your RM Higher RPM is always better to win the game.

The game has been made by Yang; the developer of Zombs.io. It was released in June 2017. Spinz.io game is an awesome game that can also be played on your mobile. It is an awesome multiplayer action game that has been inspired by the popular fidget spinner toy. This game is similar to all other Io games like agar.io, slither.io, and more.

spinz.io free

Playing Spinz.io Free Game

The spinz.io free game is easy to play and at the same time can be played with your friends and family as well. You would need to collide your fidget spinner with all the other spinners to make both of the spinners’ dots scattered, then quickly grab all of them. You would also need to boost your speed to chase all the other players very easily but this would also need to be used wisely as this may damage your present RPM. Pay attention to all the spinners beside you as they are 4 times faster because they can cause you with their collision as well. The spinz.io game also features a whirlpool. Spinz.io game adds new features every year. Check out Spinz.io happy new year update.

The Spinz.io Controls

You need to enter into a whirlpool and get shot out at an insane speed. This is good for attacking and escaping as well. Increase your RPM and dominate the arena with the spinner. Use the invitation link to invite your friend to the game and have fun together. Use the mouse button to move the spinner and then left-click to boost the speed. You would definitely love playing this spinz.io free game.

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