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Different Types Of Spinz.io Controls

Spinz.io has the simplest controls, and you will hardly need any gaming peripherals for that. For playing the game on a personal computer, you will need the mouse, and there will be on screen controls for the mobile version. Though, there are other spinz.io controls options. You can even use a gamepad if you need better performance.

The Easy Spinz.io Controls

The spinz.io controls are quite easy, as you know, and you just to move your mouse in the 360-degree arena to control the direction of your spinner. As soon as you move the mouse in a particular direction, the spinner will also move in that direction. On clicking on the left mouse button, the linear speed of the spinner will increase and will move a certain distance in the forward direction. But, you can increase the speed, and at the same time, there will be a reduction in the RPM of your spinner.

spinz.io controls

The Keyboard Spinz.io Controls

If you want to use your keyboard to control the spinner, it is still not officially supported by spinz.io games. But, you can use third party plugins, which can help you to control the spinner with the help of the keyboard. The small piece of app will be installed on your browser, and you will have to enable it within the browser when you play the spinz.io game. You can even use keyboard scripts, which will map the keyboard keys, with the mouse directions.

The Mobile Spinzio Controls

But, the spinz.io controls for the mobile version are completely different. In the case of the mobile version of the game spinz.io, you will find a joystick on the bottom left corner of the skin, and a small button on the bottom right corner of the skin. You will have to use the navigation button to move the spinner on various sides, and you can use the button to accelerate the movement. If you find the mobile spinz.io controls difficult, you can use a controller.

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